The Blacklister EP

by Aayu

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Thank you to my family, friends, fans, and everyone that supports what I do.
Special Thanks to Jesse Bowers and Matt Cangialosi for backing me up at all my shows.


released October 30, 2012

These songs were written, performed, and produced by Aayu
All vocals were recorded in Aayu's bedroom in Scranton, PA by Aayu and Matt Cangialosi
They were mixed by Joe Wegleski at SI Studios in Old Forge, PA
They were mastered by Tom Borthwick at SI Studios in Old Forge, PA
Additional vocals by Nonhlanhla Kheswa
Intro message by STA

Management: Cory Wolff at Everyone You Know Entertainment
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Album Artwork by Chris Ventura
Photos by Liora Arianna Photography

2012 Everyone You Know Entertainment. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Aayu Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Artificial Life
Please excuse me if I sound perturbed/As I wrap nouns and predicates around these verbs/As I murder the redundant first that you're worth a couple bars in this verse/Personally I claim an emergency/A true champion/On top of the world but I'm gambling evangelists/I'm handling the same damn fans that you're abandoning/I'm rambling but this was always more than just a hobby/On top of the steps I raise my hands like Rocky/Cocky arrogant a little bit of both/A little frozen in time/But a little bit warmer than most/And I would been a completely different person if punk rock didn't raise me/But hip hop is the one that finally saved me/But now I'm just a man without a country/A van without a front seat/Hard to understand then just confront me/This music was a sacred place for all of us to live/But now its just a gimmick filled with a bunch of lifeless kids
So now they tell me it's a long way home/And now they tell me it's a one way road/Stop and listen everybody's bitching/There's nothing we can do we're only on a mission/Real recognize real, what's the deal/Everybody wanna step up take mine and steal it/So now they tell me it's a long way home/And now they tell me it's a one way road
And as this fire burns/My wings expand/So now I'm taking off/But I'll be back again
As the fires burning/I know that my desires worth it/Working harder/Farther than the longest reach/Could I acquire power that I could tower the biggest man/Be the advantage/Adapt survival of the fittest man/Be the fantastic past present and backwards/Rap better and blast em/Smash crafts and black letter mask them/Fast detonator literal animator I'm on it/Grab a pen and paper kill a robot and I flaunt it/Pawn the schematics and I'll add the cash/Passionately mix and match/Missing the axis/As the android relapses/Thats it read it and weep/As your freedom and your innocence immediately leave/And I'll be what the situation calls for/All for one but never one for all/Remember excess couldn't be the reason that we're over saturated/Patch the remaining holes to smash your fucking radios easy
So now you draw the line between yourselves and artificial life/What is reality?
Track Name: Lost Touch
I just recently lost touch with the man I thought I was/Mechanical Anakin anarchist just missing love/Huffing the fumes of unity/Ruin the new impunity/Rude as these fucking nerds/I suffer cause its new to me/Now who want a nightmare/Right when I fight another demon I was dreaming even I wasn't right there/Yeah I come in colors so vivid even my summer was tinted 50% mother fucker repent/On any given weekday/Making the weak pay/They let me speak cause even the meek pray/Deep between the lines/They don't need to be defined/Decency is even leaving I don't need to make it mine/And I don't believe in blurring em/Alcohol slurring em/And I recall the current state of real is preferring em/It's permanent pain in the late cretaceous/It's the terms you make when you fake creations
Now why would I wanna decide/Between my life and my rhymes/I find it difficult cause this is all of mine/Climb every single ladder stabbing swagger in the back/Maniac without a weapon and I'm never saving rap/So relax if it's a passion/Ash in the past like a cigarette/Better yet find something else to sweat/Rest assured that this music is yours/And you can use it moving forward while your crumbling doors/And while you're mumbling something about the revolution coming/Just for the hell of it I'll relish embellishment/But the fellowship lies while your fellows spit lies/Kiss the skies with your devilish eyes/Now what do you think that you need this for/Give it back to the basic carnivores/Cause everything you fake is everything I can't afford/Cause I'm more than a man/More than an animal/More than an immortal formidable human I'm incompatible/With the world I walk in/A portable coffin/Caught in the middle of affordable lock in/Stacked up in the riddles of the kill that I'm stalking/No reality I shouldn't be talking/But always I'll be walking the provocative thin line/Evocative biography I'll pirate the design/And I'll try and unwind in a faster way/Found nothing but answers I cast away
Nobody ever knows that the pain I'm feeling isn't real/It's made from the message left in cow shit/Now how should I pronounce it/Didn't mean synonym was my name/But my shame is etched in four letters/Better off I'll soar better/is it Aayu/Double A-Y-U/Another apathetic youth unit choosing to try you/Didn't see the entropy/It should have been gone with the needle out my heart/I feed a little feeling peeling off my arm/It's caustic and calloused/But i've lost the balance/It's only a cost so i'm coughing up a challenge/Man I'm on a mission/Wishing I'm reconditioned reprogrammed reactivated/It's how the facts are stated/Maybe I'm a little too old/A little too brittle to just let it unfold/For an empathetic man I'm more cynical than most/Or maybe I cant stand what I hold so close
Track Name: Safe and Sound
I've been free since twenty four/The reason that I do this for/Alive with instrumentals/Accidentally experimental/Monumentally display the fundamental knowledge that the glory never offers/We're the story and the authors/But don't forget to move units/Ruins reek of positivity/Leaving nothing/Believing that the keys were being tossed to me/I'm lost at sea conceiving every beast and every burden/Hurting the beating hearts of every piece and every verdict/They got no soul but there ain't no telling them/They bottle up they product and we'll sell em better medicine/They dropping once we cut em/Run amuck/Confront the son of of gun/The son of a man/Rampant with the thought of em/I bought a bought million records/I reckoned they'd be better/I systematically inspected every single letter/But never would I find a valid source for me to set it down/I got it now/the same sound I never found
I live in a lie/But the futures in my hands/Am I gonna be safe/From everything everywhere/I believe I will/Don't you have the mind state that someday you're gonna be safe?
Roughing the rest of my vision isn't religion is it/Minute by minute I begin to live within it/Maybe i was setting limits on myself/But it might help if I was learning how/Because it hurts burning out/I heard it before/Give up move out move it its gone/The only difference is I'm bringing it around me/It's honesty/It's all we ever needed if we wanna be safe/So basically Laissez Faire that we make/But it radiates like chemo/We don't need another c-note/Let the mother fucker bankrupt/We hang from the ranks of the majesty/Glad to be independent ran/My family surrounding everything that made the insanity much easier to bear/They see me I don't care/What would Hemingway accomplish if beliefs weren't there/Everywhere we turn we murder personal affairs/It's terminal and permanent/Confirm that you are scared of it… (I'm not in the business, I am the business)
Track Name: Don't Panic
How am I supposed to breathe/With you standing over/Getting older is the hardest part I see/And I wont take for granted/If what I wrote was manic/I won't panic/I'm dramatically unseen
Woke up this morning with a deadline/Aches and pains/How am I gonna be fed right/Knives are creeping in and keeping all the windows dim/To see the scenery would only make me dread life/But I'm the type to write until damn hands bleed/Ask me/I don't give a fuck what life hands me/Nasty/Should have could have would have taken a different path/Shouldn't rap no more/Well y'all can kiss my ass/I'll sample the universe and give it away for free/I'll trample these nerds cause they cant see me/Cause I'm a phantom/They love what I hand em/Handsome as shit with a hand like a cannon/Man i'll split like an atom and i'll blow up/Spit like animal cause I don't wanna grow up/All I really wanna do is maybe get some dough up/Sho'nuff/Dispose of this fold up phone baby show love
Grew up in the underground/Born and raised/And at the playground is where I seen most of the hate take place/Ain't nothing better than a button up sweater to cover my scars/Regardless of the weather/Ever think back/To where you been at/Or maybe blink too fast you didn't get to see that/Cause life keeps moving even when our feet stand still/Land of the lost dreams/Plans that we had killed/Lately I've been a little too hoarse/Maybe i smoke too many Newports/Baby I've just seen the outside and it's warmer than you'd think/I won't embrace the end/I'll face my family and friends/And tell them thank you for the lessons/I wont stress it all again
Track Name: Phantom
So you think you're pretty/But like it or not you're the same as you ever were/And so you think you're ready/But like it or not you're the same as you ever were/It's so hard to understand/it's everything everywhere/I know you can't stand/For everything everywhere/But it's the same thing at the same time/Remind me/I was alone once too
You ain't never been a part of nothing/Running outdoors just to show you something/Front to the back to the side view window/Sinned and again with the Benzo/Let's go get another father/When I find another mother fucker following them bamboo fools/And the rules don't apply when you're choosing to fly/But who can I be when I lose lullabies/But I'm not fooling anybody/I'm just a phantom buddy/Manning the cannons/My fantasies when I handled money/And if I wanted it running in and I cut em with it/Shut up/Rep for the gutter/Right for the butter/Motherfucker what
I will never stop showing that I am so sick/And I will never stop showing the world to you
Track Name: Supermodels and Speedboats
Nine to five I'm looking for drive/I've been murked so many times but I'm feeling alive/I've arrived/Man with a mystery mind/Finished with the gritty vision so I'm stitching you blind/Who come when the battles done/Stand back from the paddle son/Rattle infatuation/Smack you with my tongue/Aayu's a monster/Punking all impostors/Making silly music cause all the dark shits been conquered/I'm one in a million/Some say i'm brilliant/Building something from nothing/i'm inspiring civilians/So move to the beat with the DIY/Never be me so why you try/You preach to me but each and every one of you can freaking die/I'm that mother fucker/Cracking on you suckers/Smacking blunts out your mouth cause I run the gutter/Some cut a rug and other run and get a hug/From a thug like me/So shoot a drug like me/Yeah I'm sick of it/But I can dumb it down like you/And I can act like a gangster ass clown like you/But I'm better than that/Where's the Excedrin at/I'm a veteran and only getting fresher at rap
I don't have to save the world/But I'm a veteran/Some say I'm better than most I know
Let me tell tell you bout my struggle/I had no girl to snuggle/I had no money and was always looking out for trouble/But then my bubble burst right into this rap game/Back stage smoking crack with promoters was that lame/That same minute I was living the dream/But I was given a decision I was sinning it seemed/Don't let the crowd know your a bitch/Don't let em on take em off the list/You're a fucking thug and your fear don't exist/I look in the mirror and I see a big boy/And enjoy every single moment that I had to destroy/Rejoice in the glory of rap songs/And if it gets boring then you ain't been up in the trap long/That song that makes you get loud/Listen to it while you're sticking a gun in your mouth/But don't pull the trigger because the world needs rappers/And if you're hustling drugs then deals ain't a factor